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Your Job As A Licensed Member Of NairaLake

Updated – 17/11/2016

NairaLake is a simple online business platform exclusively designed to help every Nigerian start making money on the internet.

At GoldenLink Web Solutions, we are the pioneers when it comes to providing Nigerians with effective online business solutions. We carried out a very deep internet research/analysis and discovered that a lot of Nigerians are actually searching the internet looking for legitimate money making opportunities but majority of them never get what they want owing to different form of barriers, limitations and restrictions currently being faced by many when it comes to making money online in/from Nigeria.

NairaLake was built to ease the stress of every Nigerian currently searching for ways to start making money on the internet. NairaLake is a general online money making platform exclusively designed for Nigerians. NairaLake was built with the main goal of giving every Licensed/Active Member a real opportunity to start working and getting paid without restrictions.

How NairaLake Works

Registration for a NairaLake account is free and open to every Nigerian, but to start making money with your account you will have to Activate it. Activation is a one-time fee and you can check the current amount of Activation on this page

When your NairaLake account becomes Active you will receive a link (example is https://nairalake.com/x/0999) You will also be given the necessary templates and instructions on how to start getting people to visit the website through your link. The way you will be making money is simple, whenever someone registers and activates his/her account through your link you will be paid.

We have laid down templates that every user (new/existing) can follow and start getting positive results almost instantly and you can access these whenever you login to your Active account. When you follow our templates and instructions you will be able to start performing your tasks through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any place on the internet. You can perform your task at your convenience – anytime, day or night. You only need an internet enabled mobile device or PC to do this and it doesn’t take much time (a matter of 30mins – 2hrs) but the more time you put in, the higher result you’ll also get.

When you perform your task, other people will be able to click on your link and arrive at the main NairaLake website – majority will register for a free account. When a person registers for a free account that person is recorded as your Pending referral, he/she will not be able to start making money until they Activate their account. You can view all your stats including the usernames of your referrals from your account (with this you will be able to track those that have Activated their account) You earn ₦3,000 (75%) instantly when any of your Pending referrals activate their account and the remaining ₦1,000 (25%) will be credited back to the user as their Registration Bonus. All your earnings will be automatically forwarded to the bank account on your profile within 48 hours or on our general payout days which is Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.

When you become a licensed member of NairaLake you will get a Member Panel that is equipped with real-time and accurate reporting tools.

At NairaLake, we don’t place any form of limitations/restrictions on our active members, and we don’t charge any other fee after Activation.

NairaLake is the best option when it comes to making money online in Nigeria – This is the only platform that can be trusted on the internet.


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