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Why Done Is Better Than Perfection

Why Done Is Better Than Perfection When It Comes To Making Money Online

What are you waiting for? Are you one of the multitude still waiting for the perfect moment or waiting to perfect your skills before taking a dive? Never be afraid of failure on your quest to succeed in life, such phobia is a kind of jinx that can only be broken by a strong and determined mindset. Success was neither meant for the weak at first place nor the dreamers.

Why Done Is Better Than Perfection

Have you been trying to make money online for a very long time? Are you afraid of writing that ebook because you feel a lot of people can do it better than you? Are you waiting for that moment when you’ve become a perfect writer before starting up a blog? What sort of perfection are you striving for? Its high time you think twice about your “Perfect” obsession, because it may be limiting you.

A lot of Nigerians looking for ways to start making money on the internet just don’t realise that “The Time Is Now.” They are daydreaming of the possibilities of making money online why the optimist are doing it in reality. There is no perfect way to work and get paid online neither is there any internet job that is restricted to perfected people. It is always a nice idea to get acquainted with the right knowledge and information about the specific field you are about to delve into, but when you start looking forward to that perfect moment to kick-start your dreams in reality then I’m sorry, it may never come.

Success Comes Through The Block

Let’s take for example Matt Howler a successful online marketer today, in his early days as an internet marketer he knew absolutely nothing when it comes to selling a product apart from trying to lead STRANGERS to the sales page and praying they make purchase so he can get his per-sale commission. At the end of each month he barely makes profits because all the commissions he gets paid in total is almost equivalent to his marketing cost. While he was doing all these he was picking the positive aspects out of it, some of his colleagues may still be caught in the web of procrastination while Matt was already taking action. He continued in determination and along the line he started learning and discovering more advanced and successful marketing ideas and strategies which he started applying, in less than a year Matt became a pro marketer and his upward trends still continued till this day. Today Matt is no longer an affiliate marketer, he currently owns an online store where he sell his own products.
Great things don’t always start big. It doesn’t matter the level at which you are operating today or where you started from, what matters most is for you to “Start Something.” Stop dreaming and wake up to reality.

The Stepping Stones

So what is holding you back from taking that giant leap? Are you scared of failing? Are you afraid of what people might say about you? Or are you just shy of one thing or another?
I can compare this sort of situation to that of a driver who is about to embark on a long journey but keeps waiting for all the traffic lights on the way to turn green before putting on the ignition. Sorry, there will never be a time when all the traffic lights will turn green at once, even if this should happen they won’t wait for you to complete your journey before switching back to red. The best option is to start driving the moment you are done preparing, when you get stopped by a red light, just don’t turn off the ignition. Red lights are the minor blocks you will stumble upon on your way, if you can get that far then you can also get over it.

Making Money Online…not for the perfectionist.

No matter who you are or the level of skills and education you’ve acquired you will surely encounter a lot of challenges when starting up any new business in the real offline world, same it is with any online business. You gradually start learning from your mistakes and taking corrections for every little errors along the way. Theoretical perfectionists does not exist and even if they do, they don’t automatically become good entrepreneurs. Great and successful entrepreneurs were borne out of consistency, hard work and determination – not by their level of perfections before embarking on the business.

You’ve thought so much about starting that online business for a very long time, you are always weighing the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of running that business, you may never become decisive with the way you are going about your thoughts. If you want to start an online business or you want to start making money online – The best time to turn on the ignition is now!

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