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What Is Your Social Base Count?

Is Your Online Popularity Enough? What Is Your Social Base Count?

NairaLake Social Media Count

Never underestimate the power of social media platforms when it comes to running a successful online business, the level of success you can attain with your online money making business with the help of social media can never be over hyped.
In this post we will be looking at how Nigerians looking for ways to start making money online can take advantage of social media platforms to speed up your online money making business. When it comes to building any successful business on the internet you will definitely need the audience/traffic and social media platforms are a very good place to start from.

When we talk about social level, I’m not talking about facebook alone. Majority of Nigerians are so familiar with facebook that they don’t even know its one of the many social media platforms available on the web. Its good to stick to facebook if you don’t have any ambition of working and getting paid online, but if you are one of the few Nigerians who want to start getting paid online then it will be a very nice idea to start building a large social base starting from now.

I Love Privacy, I Can’t Make Friend With An Unknown

This one is a very important aspect. If you are the corporate type who only make friends online with those that are close to you in the real world then you may have to start doing things in a different way. When it comes to making money on the internet nepotism is completely out of the game. You don’t have to be close to someone before doing business (buying or selling) with that person, why then will you choose to only connect with those you only know offline?
Well, if you love your privacy so much then you can start doing things the way Oliver does his. Oliver is a big time online entrepreneur, he has a very large social base running to hundreds of thousands but he also has his private account separately from his business account. With his private account he can connect with his friends and family without interfering with his online business. You can follow the Oliver route to start building your social base right now. Create a new facebook account, create a new twitter account, create a new google plus account, and start building your social base.

According to Mary Hawkins, your social base can be leveraged on the same level as your marketing list – You are as rich and successful as you have both.

This is for every Nigerian still wondering how to start making money on the internet, start building a social list today because you will need it in every aspect of any online money making business.

How To Increase Your Social Base Count

Your social base is only as large as the humans that are part of it. Don’t mistake bots for humans on your quest to build a large social base, don’t increase your social number count with the aid of services that will help you skyrocket the amount of your followership base overnight by adding followers that are not actually human beings but robots. It isn’t adviceable to buy such services cause you won’t benefit from it in any way. Build a large fanbase by posting meaningful posts on your wall, actively sending and accepting requests, this will help you in building a social base of humans and not bots.

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