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Tips For CEOs With Little Time For Sleep

I don’t yet own a multi-billion Naira company, but I’m one of every other effective CEOs who function on less than 6 hours of sleep in most nights and I will be discussing how you too can do it.

Doze Off During Work Hours?

Tips For CEOs With Little Time For SleepThis was one of the major challenges I encountered within my first few years of being referred to as a “CEO”
I mean, with all the responsibilities I had on my shoulders long-sleep-hours became a very expensive leisure whose bills I couldn’t afford to pay. But here in this article I will be discussing the minor tips I applied that helped me adapt to the Short-Sleep lifestyle.
N.B Less sleeping times at night is not as a result of poor time management, no no no. When you are a chief leader of any business/organization, time is something…it becomes very rare. You have a very little time for leisure. Schedules, appointments, managerial functions, analysis, report assessments, just to name a few of your responsibilities. You have to perform all these functions lest you ruin the business.

You do away with a lot of things in the process of being an “effective” CEO including long precious sleep hours.

If this be your case, then here are some tips to aid your optimum performance level during the day even with less than 5 hours of sleep at night.

Work On Your TV Habits

You sleep much better and do much more work, when you don’t spend much time in front of your television. Your brain is actually less active while watching tv than when it’s sleeping. You will be more productive during the day when you spend less time watching TV.

Consume Less Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate foods can make you feel sleepy during the day so it will do you much good to cut down on it’s consumption.

Limit Meetings
Nothing good comes out of a lot of those meetings, just skip them.

One way to make up for lost sleep is to pick one night a week to turn in early instead of shaving time off every night. “You’ll get an energy boost, yet still have most evenings available,” says Deborah E. Sewitch, Ph.D., director of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Hampstead Hospital in New Hampshire. Why this works: “Although sleep deprivation is cumulative,” she explains, “you don’t compensate for it in real time but rather by getting more of essential deep, non-REM as well as REM sleep.” This means a full night of intense “recovery” sleep can help you knock off a good chunk of your sleep debt.

I actually have specific hours I need to sleep to do well, not a specific number of hours.
If I can sleep from 12 to 6am, I’m very happy. However, my business life doesn’t permit that, so I usually end up sleeping from 1–5.

When I get a few energy slumps, I rely on some tried–hand true solutions.
I switch tasks to things I really like so I save that stuff for sleepy times.
I go outside and feel the wind blow.
I email or chat with someone personal, not usually on the phone.
I play a set number of solitaire hands. I read the news, and I visit Goal.com. I usually sleep more on slower days or if nothing is happening on a weekend, but it works out.

I Love My Lifestyle

I love it so much. I am so incredibly happy that I get to do my job. I have days that suck. I have strings of days that suck. But they are just sucky days, my life is still pretty spectacularly awesome. It makes me excited to wake up, to take the conference call I had today set at the incredibly ludicrous time of 6:30 am, to take calls and go to meetings, to get over shyness and speak to the stranger next to me on the airplane, to spend the evening playing with my daughter knowing that I’ll be working on a document until 4 am.

I mostly just think I am a very lucky person. I have a supportive parrner, a fantastic kid, a wonderful dog. I’m healthy, I’m privileged to run a company that is about to split into 2, with customers that are acolytes that spare me marketing cash. People believe in me and my ability to lead, they believe in what I’ve created. I do something that I think makes a difference in the world. And today I’m having a pretty good hair day.

I don’t really worry about the sleep that I get. I get what I can, and do what I have to do every day. Everyone around me is trying to help me out, I keep my priorities in order (my kid never suffers, I can’t make myself sick), and I just focus on what I have immediately ahead, and in the near future, and what I need to get those done. I truly believe it will all benefit everyone in the end, and my support group does too.

Hopefully what resonates is that my life is mostly dictated by gathering hours to focus on what really matters to me: my family, my work, noticing things like the color of light and the scent of the air in the morning, the smell of fresh coffee. Is there anything better?

Sleep is just one part of my life, and is determined by my body and circumstance. I just focus on enjoying what I have, and don’t worry about what I don’t have. My life is not about suffering. It’s all about living great!

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