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The Dotcom Lifestyle And Why You Need It

The Dotcom Lifestyle And Why You Need It

One of the things that never comes together in life is time and money. The rich elites have a lot of money but no time to sit back and lavish it without having to worry about A or B. The poor on the other hand…some have a lot of free times everyday but no money to make it worthwhile…others are so tied to their menial jobs they can’t even observe sundays as a general holiday, they work all day just to make little cash that can only put food on their family table.

The Dotcom Lifestyle – What Is It?

Have you ever thought about life from a totally different perspective?
Have you ever thought of living life everyday without having to worry about any financial problems/challenges?
Have you ever had a dream of travelling to places and destinations of your choice anytime, any day, without having to worry about who will run your job or business when you are not around?
Have you ever dreamt of becoming wealthy but without any fears or worries of the rich?
Have you ever dreamt of being financially independent and also live a stress free life at the same time?
Do you have those inner cravings that you just can’t make become reality as a result of financial or time restraint?

The Dotcom lifestyle is not all about being super-rich. It’s not a lifestyle of greed, no. The Dotcom lifestyle is a life with COMPLETE balance in all ramifications.

Happiness, fulfilment, funfilment, peace, freedom, wealth, class, elegance, time balance, charisma, leisure, charity, friendship time, family time, social times – These are all visible/present features within the Dotcom kind of lifestyle.

Making Money Online As A Sure Way To Attain The Dotcom Lifestyle

I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of successful online business owners. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Darren Rowse – The ceo of ProBlogger. I’ve had the blessed opportunity of meeting Sir John Chow, Grizzly Bears, Carl Smith, Alan Liew, Matt Lloyd, Allen Payne and many more…and there’s this thing that you will always notice about these rich guys making it big on the internet, they all have time balance. They are all living the Dotcom lifestyle.
One thing is always guaranteed when you start making money on the internet – Time Freedom! A major pioneer of The Dotcom Lifestyle.
There are still very few Nigerians that are currently making a good living online, unlike the Americans, Mexicans, Canadians and those in Europe. Nigerians are still very far behind when it comes to making money on the internet and this ought not to be so. Even in southern Africa, the last time I went to SA for an online business seminar, I discovered those guys over there are very far ahead of Nigerians when it comes to vast knowledge analysis test. Over 90% of Nigerian internet users are socialholics and this is not so good in the long. We are currently in an era where the internet is at its current peak, different individuals and groups are making all sorts of things possible through the internet ranging from communication, employment, news/information platforms, social platforms, and all sorts of media advancements.
Its high time smart Nigerians start taking advantage of the great opportunities available through the internet to get themselves out of poor financial situations.

The Dotcom lifestyle can never be over hyped, the main vision behind NairaLake is to help all our members attain this kind of lifestyle. A lot of our members are already living it!

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