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The Different Challenges Of Making Money Online In Nigeria

The Different Challenges Of Making Money Online In Nigeria – How To Overcome

We can all attest to the fact that things aren’t going the way it ought to be in this great nation of ours and this is always at the detriment of every citizen. As a result of poor developmental policies and disorganised system of government piloting the affairs of the nation majority of its citizens are living in a quantum dissma pissma.
Starting any sort of business in such an unconducive environment can be an uphill task because of the multiple challenges your are most likely to come across along the line. I’m aware of a lot of challenges currently being faced by serious Nigerians who are trying to start working and doing various businesses online, in this article I will be discussing some of the most pressing ones and offering possible suggestions and solutions you can apply to overcome these challenges when you encounter them personally.

NairaLake Money Challenges

It isn’t easy at all when starting any sort of business where you can get paid on the internet whether you are working with a proven platform or starting independently, you’ve got to learn a lot of lessons that only experience can teach. You’ve got to be very focused on whatever you are doing and avoid any form of distractions or means of interruptions during your work time. In this kind of situation, electricity issue will always come in.

Poor Electricity – This is the number 1 challenge you are most likely to be facing on a daily basis. Power interruption will always occur when you are in the middle of something very important and your data may totally get lost at that very moment, it may cause you to start clicking without thinking so that power outage don’t interrupt what you are doing if it should happen instantly. Unexpected power interruption can occur at any time and this can cause you to be working with a very unsettled mind. The best way to work in a more relaxed manner is to get a good battery for your laptop or mobile phone, depending on the one you are using for your online job. In the case of a laptop, a good battery that can power your machine for up to 3hours or more after power interruption can be expensive but it is worth your investment. In the case of a desktop computer (for those of us still using desktop computers) you can get a strong UPS that can power your machine for up to 20 minutes or more after power interruption. With a good UPS you will have enough time to round up whatever you’re doing and save your necessary files after any unexpected power outage. I also advice every online business owners (new or old) to get a standby mini generator to keep you online in cases where power outage may last for days, weeks, or even months. You wouldn’t like to be among those set of people that will always sit and start praying for PHCN services to come up before they can be able to power their machines and go online. Any cash you invest into power generation for your online business in the start is always worth it because without adequate power supply things may turn out to be very difficult and frustrating for you, and it can gradually cause you to start loosing interest in your online business.

Are you a blogger or does your online business require a lot of typing? Stop depending on your laptop alone when it comes to typing, I suggest you start taking advantage of smartphones with QWERTY keypad like the blackberry 9900 (bold 5) or Q5 when writing your posts. A lot of people also find it easier with android phones when it comes to typing but I personally don’t like anything calibration (screen touch phones) so I always do my typing jobs with my QWERTY keys smartphone. A lot of smartphones comes with an inbuilt text editor, but if yours didn’t come with any you can download from either Google Playstore (Android devices) or Blackberry Appworld (Blackberry devices). I urge you to start doing all your writings with your smartphone before transferring it to your laptop to apply some finishing touches or you can even post directly from your phone.
I type faster with my smartphone than when in front of my system. It also gives me more flexibility, I mean, I can type anywhere, anytime and in any position/posture with my smartphone unlike in the case of a laptop where I’m always required to sit up when typing. Doing your writings with your smartphone can help you save your laptop battery for other things in the case of power outage.

Inadequate power supply is not the only challenge you will be facing all the time when you want to start making money or doing any online business in Nigeria. Poor and limited internet services is another challenge, I will personally place this second on my list of challenges being faced by Nigerian online business entrepreneurs and those looking for ways to start making money online in Nigeria.

Poor Internet Services – Don’t forget we are talking about making money on the internet and everything about the internet is server-based. When accessing the internet you are either uploading or downloading data or doing both at the same time from a particular webserver with the help of your internet service provider (ISP). What if you’re doing this on a limited data bandwidth being allocated to you by your service provider? What if the data is been sold out at exorbitant rates and prices and you have no better option than to buy or remain offline? What if after purchasing any of these expensive data plans you get an internet speed that never exceeds little amount of kilobytes per second? This is the situation you will always find yourself when you are operating any online business from Nigeria. The key to overcoming this kind of challenge is to make some necessary research to discover the fastest network in your particular area when it comes to internet speed, in some locations you will discover MTN is the fastest, in some you’ll discover it is GLO, in some area it is Airtel, in some they say its Etisalat and in others they will say its Visafone. When it comes to making money online or operating a successful online business in Nigeria never underestimate the level of setback that can be caused by a slow internet connection, so I recommend you do this research according to your area/location and go with the network with the fastest internet. Don’t choose the cheapest plans over speed, its not the best idea.

When it comes to starting an online business in Nigeria the 2 challenges highlighted above are the most worrysome. Others may include the issue of Paypal not accepting payments for Nigerians, Clickbank which is the largest affiliate website not accepthng Nigerians, etc. But there is a way around all these so I call them minor challenges.

When it comes to making money online in Nigeria there are lots of potholes you will surely encounter along the way (just like the bad roads all over the country), and in most cases you are left with no alternate route. Just keep driving with care and focus, the money will gradually start rolling in as long as you are doing things rightly and avoiding any form of distractions.

We know a lot of challenges currently being faced by Nigerians who are trying to start making money on the internet, this is the main reason NairaLake is here. NairaLake is a very simple online business platform where Nigerians can start working and getting paid online.
Hitherto, Nigerians looking for ways to make money online had to travel abroad to avoid many of these obstacles, Nairalake just simplified the whole thing and brought it very close to the doorstep of each and every Nigerian. Now you can start working and getting paid online irrespective of the challenges currently being faced by the citizens of this great nation.

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