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Rich Blogger, Poor Blogger

Rich Blogger, Poor Blogger – The Journey

They Are Friends
Mark and Kelvin are 2 close friends, they are so close to an extent you can easily mistake them for twin brothers. They wine, dine and share a lot of things together including their dreams and visions. You can’t offer them a ride if you don’t have a seat for two. They are both in their final teen years and they know the next decade to come is the time in life when serious folks embark on ‘The Journey Of A Thousand Mile’, its the period in life when ‘Futures’ are shaped and carved out, its the time in life when you ought to choose…

Rich Blogger NairaLake

The Decision
Mark decided to create an online blog to test out his blogging skills. Kelvin was informed about it and he too was carried away by the sway of the idea. They both agreed to create a Blog each for themselves. Not forgetting the word ‘Knowledge is power’ they carried out different researches on blogging tips for beginners and were both satisfied and convinced by the details of their discoveries, especially the fact that one can even make money with a Blog.

2010 – The Start
Mark decided to go with the famous entertainment niche in Nigeria. He created an entertainment blog, updated it with the latest entertainment news and updates within the Nigeria entertainment industry, Mark did this on a daily basis. He found the whole blogging scenario so exciting and began developing more interest in it, for him it became a ‘serious fun’ and the fun received an allocation of his daily time budget. He shared his blog url with friends so they can go check it out, Mark knew a lot of internet users are always on various social media platforms so he takes advantage of this by devising means to share his entertainment updates on this platforms and sometimes he even spends money to get more visibility for his blog on these social media platforms. Mark took advantage of every means to publicise his blog, he soon discovered the term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and started optimising his site with various seo techniques. He started building backlinks for his blog, he started contributing relevant comments on related blogs, and at the same time he kept on updating his site with fresh topics that are related to entertainment. The visitors were not yet pouring in but he was optimistic and kept on expanding frontiers.

Kelvin on the other hand also followed on the same path, the only difference was that he did his out of desperation and also with high hopes of earning quick money. Within the first 3 months of creating his blog, Kelvin started looking for ways of monetizing and earning money. He started reading stories about how rich you can become online, he then discovered that apart from blogging there are many other ways of making money on the internet. He was carried away by different ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes (just like majority of Nigerians searching for ways to make money on the internet). In no time Kelvin stopped updating his blog, he was accepted by Google Adsense but got banned for ‘sharp’ practices.
Kelvin in his desperation started signing up for various online paid surveys but soon discovered after many months that paid surveys never truly pay. All these while Mark was steadily developing his blog, Kelvin was desperately seeking for other ways to get round his. Mark is already ranking below 100k in alexa while Kelvin’s site metrics still has nothing to write home about.

Mark was steadily growing, Kelvin was steadily rounding circles.

2015 – The Continual
Mark is already referred to as the CEO of a very popular entertainment news platform. He makes thousands of dollars from ad sales alone, he uses a good percentage of his earnings in hiring workforce to assist in managing different aspect of his blog such as posting and search engine optimisation. On the other hand Kelvin’s url is no longer accessible on the web.

The Breakdown
A lot of Nigerian newbie bloggers easily get fed up with the challenges that comes with managing a blog, especially a very new blog. Knowledge, Discipline & Optimism is what you need to reach the level of any successful blogger out there on the web today. These characters were clearly visible in Mark but eluded Kelvin.
As a newbie blogger you have to put away every act of desperation so you can calmly set out long term goals and gradually achieve them. Here are some examples of challenges and goals you can give yourself when promoting your new blog;
* Set out a 100 day challenge of adding a GENUINE post (NOT OUTSOURCED) of not less than 700 words to your blog on a daily basis. Your posts need to be relevant and at the same time be in the same line with your niche. You will have 100 quality posts at the end of such challenge. After completing the challenge you can decide to continue at the same pace or slow down a little bit to, let me say, 3-4 posts in a week.
* Post 15 comments daily on other blogs that are on the same niche as yours and add your website link in the url section, this you can do for 30 days. I promise you the result will make you continue. 15 comments a day is alright, they will all get approved as long as it was genuinely written and on topic. You don’t have to start spamming other blogs to get more backlinks – its an act of desperation and will make you end up like Kelvin.
* Be a Guest Poster – Submit guest posts to other blogs in your niche and take advantage of the author section to introduce yourself, your site and your url. You can be submitting a new post on a 3 day basis. Write and submit posts to sites like ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com and many other popular article submission directories, remember to always take advantage of the author section to promote your blog url. Either way you look at it, submitting articles to external websites and blogs is a win win game for your site. Your articles will lead new visitors to your site, while the backlinks can increase your site rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)
* Share every new post on popular social platforms and also give your visitors the ability to like and share your posts. Almost everyone can attest to the fact that we are living in the ‘Net’ days, but only few can truly see clearly the kingship of social platforms. Underestimate the power of these platforms at your own peril. Build a fanbase of trust with these platforms and watch your site rake in visitors on 3D.
There are lots of WP plugins that will make this aspect easier.

Above we’ve talked about a very good strategy that any Nigerian can use to set up a blog and run it successfully from scratch. If you are a newbie looking for a good way to be making money online on the long run, then blogging is a very nice option you can consider.
Here at NairaLake, our aim is to help each and every Nigerian to start working and making money on the internet. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain when you become a licensed member of NairaLake. The 2 best online business models that any Nigerian can use to start making more money online is NairaLake and Blogging, you can run both of them together and watch the money start rushing in.

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