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Nigerians & The Internet – The Binary Relationships

Lets look at the way majority of Nigerians do relate when it comes to surfing the web.

We are currently in an era where over 80% of Nigerian teenagers and young adults can access the internet on a daily basis. A lot of Nigerians still don’t know the possibilities and opportunities that the internet can provide because they are always docked to one particular corner when surfing the web, a lot of us are always on facebook sharing photos and updates, some are on twitter always following celebs and replying to their tweets, others are on instagram sharing photos, google plus, whatsapp, wechat, etc.

Nigerians & The Internet

Have you ever take a break for a while and access the benefits you derive from all these social media platforms everyday? What if you can do something similar and start getting paid for it? What if you can actually start making money from the internet instead of just spending all those time for nothing?

There is a big gap separating the wise from the stupid and the internet did nothing to help in merging this gap, it even helped in expanding the gap. So if you aren’t wise then you will continue wasting all your precious time online and getting nothing in return, meanwhile the wise are spending very little part of their time on the internet and they get paid for it.

Moses is a full time facebook addict, I use the world full time because he does no other thing apart from internet throughout his day. He always go to bed late just to make sure he reads and reply to all his chats on time and he does this recurrently everyday. For Moses the internet is all about facebook and no other website, he is very broad in his knowledge about facebook and very limited in his knowledge about the internet.
Hilda is a girl who spends most of her time on whatsapp and facebook, from whatsapp to facebook and back to whatsapp – this is how she spends at least 4 hours of her day. She just can’t concentrate on whatever she does when she is not with her phone.

The youths are always on social websites each time they have/get access to the internet while others are out there browsing through the latest news and sports updates.

There is always a binary relationship between 80% of Nigerian youths and the internet but majority of these relationships are borne out of ignorance and lack of knowledge. Its high time Nigerian youths start capitalizing on the power of the internet to start making money instead of just wasting your time all day jumping from one social media platform to another.

NairaLake As A Positive Solution For Every Nigerian To Start Making Money Online

Within NairaLake, we know the different challenges currently being faced by each and every Nigerian trying to start an online money making business. The core vision of NairaLake is to make all these stress and struggles become a thing of the past, to simplify the process of making money online for every Nigerian internet user. Simply put, NairaLake is here to help every Nigerian start making money on the internet and do it with ease.

Apart from just making money from NairaLake there are lots of other benefits you get when you become a licensed member. If you are a Nigerian and a regular internet user why not consider doing something and getting paid for what you do online?

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