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Nigerians Making Money On The Internet

The Real Secret Of Nigerians Making Money On The Internet

Guest Post By Markus Akhigbe

I was driving earlier today when I received a call, I had to decelerate my vehicle speed so I don’t loose it while on phone. I picked the call while driving and then I discovered it was a call of late invitation, I was told to please come and give an important lecture in an ongoing Business Startup Seminar that was being held at uniben campus earlier today. At first I rejected the offer because I should have been notified earlier so I have time to make proper preparations, 30 minutes later I received the same call and this time around from the organizer himself, Mr Jackson Oronsaye, a light=skinned man who I guess should be in his fifties. One of his colleagues gave him my phone number and he called, he apologized for the timing and said he would also reject the offer if he were to be in my shoes. He talked me into changing my mind and within an hour I was already at the seminar.

One of the things I love most about my kind of lifestyle ever since I started working and getting paid on the internet is time freedom. I can go anywhere at anytime of the day without caring about work hours, this can make those around your neighborhood to start stirring at you with puzzles written all over their faces. I personally get this all the time but it’s none of my business, so long as the money keeps rolling in I’m alright.
Making money online is a topic I always discuss in every business seminar I attend and my experience is already helping a lot of people become millionaires while working on the internet.

I was received by mr Jackson immediately I got to the seminar venue, and after some mere introduction and minor negotiations I agreed to give a 30 minutes lecture in-line with the theme of the Business Startup Seminar. I walked into the hall and met an audience running into hundreds in number. I introduced myself and with the response I got it was clear for me to assume that this guys have been fed with the infos they already know hitherto, when you assume the amount they paid to get a pass then you’ll know they were grumbling. They were disappointed by the talks they’ve been hearing and so the atmosphere was very dormant, I had to change this first before going forward with my lecture.

I introduced my egoistic self once again and this time I did it with pride. I talked about the house I just finished building and it’s worth, I introduced my 3 cars and their worth and at the end I let them know I still had all the time to go anywhere – “I don’t have a jammed schedule at anytime of the day”. They all started laughing and some started asking questions like “Who runs your company?” “What type of business do you do?” “If you are this rich how come you still have free times during business hours?” The last guy got really pissed off, he spoke when the rest were done speaking. “I know you’re rich, I knew this the very moment you arrived – rich people are fond of making it late all the time due to their tight and always busy schedules. But telling us now that you have all the time to yourself is a lie sir”
When they were done speaking I became lost, which question should I take first? “For clarity purpose, you will all get your answers before I leave”

I discovered the atmosphere was already lively this time around and so I started detailing each online business strategies that any Nigerian can start doing right away. They were all interested and my 30 minutes talk later ran up to 145 minutes.
I talked about every important aspect of affiliate marketing, I explained to them how you can use your facebook, twitter or any social account to start making money online. I introduced them to blogging and how you can become rich as a blogger. Then I introduced them to the real secret that a lot of Nigerians like me are using to easily make money online legitimately – NairaLake. This time they were in dire need of deeper explanation. I explained NairaLake in full details and told them how you can even be making money with your mobile phone when you become a licensed member of NairaLake.com, over 80% of the hall signed up for a NairaLake account with their mobile phones immediately. At the end they were all satisfied and they got the answers to every questions that was flung at me.

Now is the best time for Nigerians to start making money online and NairaLake is the best platform for any Nigerian to do this.

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