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How To Live By Working Online

How To Live The Dotcom Lifestyle By Working Online

Easy NairaLake MoneyThere are a lot of things that will actually be altered in your lifestyle when you become one of the few Nigerians who are working full time and getting paid on the internet. The most important of them all is your work hours.
To be sincere, when you start working on the internet and getting paid from the comfort of your home, you will definitely become financially independent. But depending on the type of business you do online, you may start finding yourself behind closed door and this is a very big con of making money on the internet. You need time discipline to adapt to your new lifestyle.

The Dotcom Lifestyle

The Dotcom lifestyle is all about having enough money and time. The Dotcom lifestyle is all about spending enough time with your family and travelling to wherever you wish at any time of your choice without any form of limitation.

In a recent seminar I attended, after lecturing the attendees one of of them asked me a question “If I can make #100,000 a month working for an hour each day, can’t I be working 8 hours and start making #800,000?'”
This is where a lot of Nigerians get it wrong when it comes to making money online. It’s not all about the money, it’s about the time. When you start making money online you are supposed to have time freedom, you are supposed to work for some few hours and spend the rest on off-work activities.

You are supposed to work for a maximum of 2hours everyday. When you start working all round the clock in the name of making more money then be ready to watch your social life gradually deteriorate and also get yourself ready for the “Posture Amaggedon” – This is the direct opposite of the Dotcom lifestyle.

The dotcom lifestyle is the reason I will advice any Nigerian to start working and getting paid on the internet. What is much more to life than being financially independent and having time freedom, all at the same time?

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