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Adapting To The New Lifestyle Of Running A Successful Online Business

You don’t need the services of soothsayers or fortune tellers to know that working and getting paid on the internet requires a whole new kind of lifestyle, completely different from the 8-4 kind of lifestyle prevalent in Nigeria.
When you start working and getting paid on the internet you will be required to go through some paradigm shift, you have to learn how to allocate your time appropriately lest you find yourself glued to your system all round the clock. If you are the kind of online business entrepreneur that is always in front of your system it doesn’t make you a more serious person, you just don’t know how to use your time compass. The earlier you start learning and practising time discipline the more fun, happiness and productivity you will derive from your online money making business.

Adapting To The New Lifestyle Of Running A Successful Online Business - NairaLake

One of the things I love most about making money online is the time factor, one of the best advantages you get when you start working and getting paid on the internet is the time freedom that comes with it. But when you don’t know how to split your time accurately with the time compass then you might soon get yourself fed up cause your life may soon turn out to become very boring, even from your own point of view.

Why You Need To Take Advantage Of The Time Factor

When you start running an online business and getting paid through it, you have to always take a lot of time out to connect with the real world and live. Your online job allows you a lot of time unlike those that do work all round the clock but when you fail to discover this you will also get yourself stucked in the same daily routine with them.
Regularly taking time out of your online business for leisure will allow you to stay refreshed with new ideas and motivation all the time. You will always function at your peak with this kind of lifestyle, unlike the worn out online business entrepreneur who’s blindly turned prisoner to his job.
When you start making making money from your online business then the dotcom lifestyle is already within your reach and you have to start living it. No matter how much you are currently making online, it will always go in an upward direction. The 10 Naira you earned today is of more value than the 100 Naira being paid to an 8-4 worker the reason is clear, you work for yourself at any given time – they work for their boss and they work with rules and orders. Words can’t be enough to explain all the advantages an online business entrepreneur has over those with an 8 hour job.

When You Start Working And Getting Paid Online…

You have to set your laid down work times and never break your own rules.
You have to start creating enough free times for yourself everyday.
You are now a boss of your own and you need to start acting like one.
You don’t have to settle for any comfort zone within your online business structure, always plan ahead.
Never accept to be at the level you are at any time, keep pushing forward. Know how to always plan ahead within your work times, always work on improving.
You know those dreams you had when you were still a kid? Now is the time to start living it, there is no better time than this.

The Way I Split My Work Time With The Compass

I work for 2 hours twice everyday, normally between 8-11am and 6-9pm. Those are my work hours and I don’t joke with it. You don’t have to do things exactly my way to get a positive result, but when you know how to split your work times carefully you also need to apply discipline so you don’t give any chance for complacency to ruin your online money making business.

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